Raised in the foothills of San Diego County in Southern California, Aaron Anderson formed a particularly close bond with the natural surroundings of his rural hometown. Creeks, canyons, and oak trees were his childhood playground and sanctuary. Aaron earned early success as an architect. His intricately designed and nature-inspired work gained him numerous professional awards and accolades, including being named the Young Architect of the Year by the American Institute of Architects San Diego Chapter. His work has been published in the prestigious Dwell and Architectural Record magazines.

In his late thirties, Aaron experienced Kundalini—a decade long event that radically transformed his life. To make sense of this unusual experience, Aaron turned to his long-time mentor, a respected religious studies scholar, Dr. Kenneth Morrison. Together, they plotted a course to better understand Kundalini through rigorous self-examination and empirical experimentation. American Kundalini is the culmination of lessons carefully learned from Aaron’s first-hand experience living with Kundalini in a modern context. Aaron currently resides in San Diego, happily moored in paradise, where he returns to creeks, canyons, and oak trees whenever healing or stillness beckons him.